People often believe that therapy is an intervention that can take many months and even years to complete. While this is true of some therapeutic modalities, those provided at Beigi & Chiu Clinical Psychology are far shorter. All therapies provided are evidence based and found to be effective within twelve sessions. However, it should be noted that some clients do not benefit, at least to the degree that they hope.

Therapy sessions at Beigi & Chiu Clinical Psychology last 50 minutes. The nature of the sessions will depend on the specific intervention agreed but all sessions tend to be structured and goal orientated. the early stages of therapy will involve formulating of specific difficulties clients are facing to help make sense of why individuals are experiencing specific problems. The next stage will involve techniques designed to address the difficulties. This can involve behavioural experiments and activities evidenced through research, which can help to promote change. Latter stages of therapy will include therapy blueprints and relapse prevention plans to help ensure that clients have the tools necessary to support themselves should difficulties arise again in the future.