Initial Assessments

Therapy can be a significant commitment on the part of both client and therapist. Before we begin, it is important to identify whether therapy is even suitable and appropriate for a client, so there are many considerations that need to be discussed before this arrangement can be confirmed. In particular Mazda and Kenny respect the fact that psychological therapy may not be for everyone and for those who do appear to be suitable, there are times and circumstances that make it inappropriate to work with that person in the immediate future. An initial assessment is therefore important to learn more about a clients history and current situation.

For those who do appear to be ready for therapy, the initial assessment will explore the specific type of intervention that would best support clients with their unique needs. Mazda and Kenny are experienced in providing a range of therapies with a number of conditions and the initial assessment provides an opportunity to discuss this with our clients to learn more about their wishes.

By the end of the initial assessment, the aim would be that both client and therapist agree on either a specific therapy or a discharge from the clinic if it is agreed that psychological therapy is not appropriate at this time. For those who are appropriate, a specific therapeutic pathway will be agreed (e.g. CBT, Behavioural Activation etc.) and an initial plan for therapy outlined. This will include how often we will meet, how many sessions are advised (although this is not fixed) what the clients goals for therapy will be and how this will be measured. For those who may not be suitable for therapy, signposting and advice regarding onward referrals and suggestions will be provided.

All clients who complete an assessment will be provided a short report, detailing the outcomes of this appointment and what has been agreed.