About Dr Mauricio Alvarez:

Dr Mauricio Alvarez (he/him) is a Mexican HCPC-registered chartered clinical psychologist and Clinical Fellow at UCL, specialising in LGBTQIA+ mental health. Prior to his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in University College London, he completed a joint MSc programme in Developmental Neuroscience and Psycholopathology between UCL, Anna Freud Centre and Yale University. Mauricio has research and clinical experience in Mexico, UK, and The Netherlands working with individuals, families and groups. Mauricio’s research focuses on emerging drug problems among young adult men who have sex with men. Mauricio has been trained in cognitive behavioural, systemic/family, and psychodynamic approaches, and uses an integrative approach to address the specific needs of his clients. Mauricio is currently undergoing training in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families to better support clients with relational and mood difficulties. Additional to his clinical work, Mauricio supports the UCL BABCP-accreditation pathway and sits as the clinical/research lead for the TRANSACT programme for student-led peer-support initiatives. Mauricio enjoys swimming and going to the cinema in his personal time, and he is a registered Ashtanga Yoga teacher (200 RYT).


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