About Us

We provide a therapeutic space in which people of different cultures feel safe to speak their minds and discover the confidence to lead a fulfilling life in this diverse world we live in.


We are passionate clinical academics, who strongly believe in applying evidence based interventions for clients. But what happens when research that informs interventions do not represent the diverse population that we live amongst? In consideration of this, we aspire to provide therapy that not only incorporates the latest research but also draws on their own understanding and appreciation of ‘difference’, as practitioners who identify as members of the Global Majority.

Working with clients

We appreciate that therapy is not for everyone and always endeavour to highlight this throughout their work with clients. For this reason, we structure review processes into each course of therapy to identify whether progress is being made and whether the interventions being applied are benefiting our clients. We strongly believe in therapy that is productive and empowering. To this end, we believe that all our clients should achieve noticeable gains by the end of treatments. It is an important part of our mission statement to encourage all clients to see therapy with any one practitioner as a temporary therapeutic alliance. With this in mind, we commit to only seeing client for a fixed number of sessions in order to avoid the promotion of clients feeling that they are dependent on them. We understand that this may be anxiety provoking for some clients, but we believe that this is ultimately in the best interest of all the people we work with. For clients who feel that they require additional therapy, we will support them to engage in further private or public sector care before they are discharged.

Community ethos

We are actively engaged in working within the community throughout London. We have a track record of reaching out to schools across different boroughs in order to advocate for clinical psychology. We believe in providing support and guidance to all members of the community and particularly acknowledge the under-representation of practitioners of the global majority in the United Kingdom. For this reason, we offer conferences and webinars marketed at both the general population, as well as sessions that directly address issues that concern members of the global majority to promote equality and a more proportionate representation of colleagues in the profession.

Clinical Director

Dr Mazda BeigiBSc, MRes, PhD, DClinPsy, CPsycholLanguages: English, Farsi and DariHCPC Registration: PYL38236
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Clinical Director

Dr Kenny ChiuBSocSc, MSc, DClinPsy, CPsycholLanguages: English and CantoneseHCPC Registration: PYL37822
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