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At Beigi & Chiu Clinical Psychology, we provide a responsive, compassionate, and evidence-based psychological service in the UK. We take pride in having a multicultural team with members who speak Farsi, Spanish, Cantonese, French, German, and more. Our service is supported by automated software, so you can rest your mind and focus more on your goals and your relationships.
We work with individuals, couples, and families across the life-span, including those with neuro-developmental and neuro-degenerative conditions. We provide medico-legal assessment to courts as expert witnesses trained by the British Psychological Society, Bond Solon, and Helen Bamber Foundation. We also provide media risk assessment to individuals who participate in high-profile TV programmes.
Unlike typical clinics, we go above and beyond by collaborating with mental health organisations, psychometric companies, higher education institutions, charity organisations, performance industry, and public media. We are committed to support pro bono charity work for refugees and asylum seekers.
We provide training opportunities for psychology students.
We are now seeing a large number of clients with low mood, anxiety, and trauma related difficulties due to COVID adjustment.
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